TTouch is a respectful way of working with animals and consists of bodywork, groundwork and special equipment.

Day Care

Let us look after him while you are at work. Day care dogs become part of our household!

Puppy classes

Is your puppy younger than 16 weeks? Bring him to puppy classes and prevent behaviour problems.

Dogs to Heal

If you have recently acquired a puppy, adopted an older dog or have had dogs for a long time but you have difficulty understanding each other, you have come to the right place! Here is where you can be assisted with a biting, chewing, digging puppy, a dog who jumps up against guests or one who pulls on the leash. With Dogs to Heal, obedience exercises such as coming when called can be sorted out in relatively short time, and marked improvements can be seen in dogs who show aggression towards people or other dogs. Those dogs who are afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms or who appear to be shy, can be helped to feel more confident. Dogs who are aging or who dislike grooming and being touched can be comforted and calmed. Some of these situations can be dealt with in classes, others in one on one sessions either at your house or at our premises in Highlands North.


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